February 16 horoscope sign libra or libra

The environment in which you live might not understand you and that is why you might remain lonely for a very long time. Aquarius is a sign of genius, but according to a study, most of them are known to have psychiatric problems. You will mostly talk about fashion or love adventures and you will not get in bed with someone before you know the person well. Sex and love are very important to you, but you are prevented by your desire for freedom to enjoy true and deeper intimacy from the love of your life. Mutual trust is very important to you so possessiveness and jealousy are not qualities which you appreciate.

It is very difficult for someone to arrange a meeting with you. You can be arrogant and aggressive, especially if things around you are not working as you had planned. This can at times make others think badly about you especially after your first impression. You are very big when it comes to socializing and curious about others. You like seeing people operating on the same page and that is why a lot of your friends consider you to be a mediator.

You are an Aquarius because of being born on February 16, and it makes you love adventures.

February 16 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

You like to travel and go to social adventures whenever possible. You are always curious to know what other people are thinking, how they look at the world, and how they live their lives.

Libra Personality Traits (Libra Traits and Characteristics)

You are someone who is very open-minded and you believe that the coin has two sides to it. What makes you excited is what others overlook in life.

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All the type, you look at the world in a new way. Thinking traditionally makes you irritated and offended. To you, slow minded or people who are wedded in the past are not important in your life and you will always look down upon them. You are a great person to be with in terms of romance. You have some ideas concerning romance and love. You are giving, loyal and a person who is nurturing.

You expect your romantic partners and friends to be like you. You are a fun person to be with and you like surprising others, finding humor in everything and being witty.

If someone wants to win your love, they need to be intelligent and witty and also, you have to be shown the principles this person possess for you to live with you. You are romantic, but not in a classical way. You may not shake your roots or forget your old memories, but you will do anything to give your love a gift. You are different from other people around you because you are an Aquarius.

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You are someone who is lonely and usually, wander in the cloud and keep away from the clouds. You like independence and freedom and the worst that can happen to you is someone limiting your freedom. You are disobedient, unpredictable, and resourceful. You like your techniques and all kinds of communications with the whole world.

You best get along with people from the zodiac signs of Libra and Gemini. You are original, independent, honest, and unconventional. You are also elusive, controversial, charming, lean, but sometimes you become a gambler. You see your partner as primarily your best friend.

Love and Compatibility for February 16 Zodiac

You are not jealous or privy in love. You behave like a fever, which comes suddenly in life when someone list expects it. You are not easily understood by those around you and they consider you a shock, just like a fever. You are always ready to change and that is why your eros is very romantic.

If given a chance, you can be a friend in the entire world. You get interested in strangers and other people. As long as you have enough breathing space, you are the most useful and lucrative friend in the entire world.

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  5. If by chance someone tries to get closer to you than you allow, you will definitely turn around and leave. You need friends who care about you and who are ready to change the world alongside you.

    You are governed by Uranus as your planet of choice due to your birth date falling on February Aquarius and Uranus are two planets which are associated with things which are mental like science, creativity, and philosophy. Those are the things that make you excited. Air is the element that works for hand in hand with Aquarius in your life. And just like air, it is very hard for you to be caught. According to you, life is all about exploring and that is why, like air, you travel from one place to the next.

    You are always moving from one social circle to the next. You will be attracted to a job which will not limit your independence. Whatever business, you embark on it needs to give you enough freedom. The most important thing in your life is not money, especially when you are choosing a life career.

    You tend to like careers such as a photographer, journalist, informant, engineer, researcher, actor, and physicist. You can wear an ordinary wardrobe, but in a unique way that will leave you standing out in a crowd. You are normally stimulated by constant growth and progress and you will only enjoy a place of work if you feel that you are mentally stimulated. You are born on the Cusp of Sensitivity and can feel the weight of the world -- which is both a blessing and a curse!

    Uranus the ruling planet of Aquarius riles up your eccentric and progressive energy, while Neptune the ruling planet of Pisces encourages you to embrace your dreams and imagination. You might find that you frequently get lost in in your mind, and have trouble keeping up with the real world! But your thoughts can be impressively powerful and spiritual, so keep feeding that vast brain of yours. Spiritual, artistic, peace-loving, and friendly, those born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp are highly original people.

    This is the cusp most likely to be labeled "offbeat" or "eccentric". You are highly intellectual, however, probably not so good with practical details and follow-through. Your intuitive powers are very strong, and delving into spiritual matters and philosophical ideals is much more important to you than just managing the details of day-to- day life.

    Your ability to stick to your guns alongside your outgoing, charismatic attitude will have you turning heads, making moves, and doing important things in this lifetime.

    The Most Compatible Astrological Signs

    Seek opportunities that will allow you freedom and independence! What it means is that you are especially in-tune with the feelings, fears, hopes, and needs of everyone around you. The humanitarianism of Aquarius combines with the empathy of Pisces to help you -- or maybe force you -- to take compassion and understanding to new heights.

    You absorb the feelings of those around you and have a genuine desire to help others. The emotions of the world can often be negative, and could make you feel depressed or overwhelmed from time to time.