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The Full Hunter Moon is exactly conjunct the U. Are you ready to feel the earth move? Venus in Scorpio opposes stubborn Uranus in Taurus This shakes things up, by your own will or by Uranian shock and chaos in your sex life and maybe your financial one too. Jane Fonda just got arrested in Washington for protesting this week is one example All court matters or new laws over environmental issues will move fast.

There are still many in denial, misogynists, Patriarchal Old Testament dominates the earth capitalists consumer addicted, blaming women, fearing women and their sexuality. The shadow qualities are still coming up, But many intellectual genius women are rising to the top.

Gun Law reformation and the unconscious programmed addiction to violence and against women and children is something the U. Aries A gentle, mild-mannered author who writes horror stories. You have an innate understanding of the negativity and discord of the world, plus an ability to help others to see how these energies operate. As these dark forces are exposed they become weakened by the light of knowledge. Your sincerity can render you immune to many dangers, as you explore dark recesses for the sake of helping others.

It is a way of encountering ourselves, meeting our depths, and especially of contacting our pain-body and releasing its traumas, so that WE can become even more alive. To master this art requires love and innocence. Azoth Symbol: A teacher gives her students a vision of the structure of the universe. Seed Degree: Sagittarius Sitting for her portrait, Mona Lisa feels as if millions of people are watching her. Omega Symbol. The awareness of our connection to all times and places allows us to exorcise our fears. An embalmer at work on a mummy.

Chandra Symbol. From the awareness that we need not resist change is born a desire to be free of mechanical and unconscious ways of being.

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Fulfillment Degree: Capricorn 2. A painting which causes those who see it to become silent. The exorcising of fear produces a profound and blissful emptiness. It has been plated with gold. At night he found himself in strange lands. They came to him by candlelight and he wrote of them. The dark has its own, invisible rainbows, a kingdom of unseen colors, colors of the lost, which return to haunt, and to hide, vaguely, in the colors which we know. He wanted others to see the hidden colors, so that seeing could return them to their origin, the pure light, where they would find the joy of emptiness.

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Yes Neptune and Lilith are having a soul connecting tantric dreaming conversation, about the spiritual misuse of women since Lilith refused to be lower than Adam. Athena the warrior Goddess and first Goddess to be rebranded a motherless born woman is in deep dark sexual intense Scorpio and trining the North Node of Fate at 13 degrees Cancer.

Sirius is the brightest and most beautiful star in the heavens. Sirius is home to the spiritual entities who many cultures say created earthlings from genetic experiments. They are spiritual helpers. Woman are being brutally raped and murdered in South Africa every day and everywhere else in the world.

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This is insane, it has to stop. The grand water trine lends beautiful support for us to voice like Lilith, her refusal to submit to patriarchal domination. Just like teen Greta Thunberg does, speak out against heads of corporations and rally 7 million people world wide in climate strikes September We must all refuse to pass the buck, to give away our powers, refuse to be Blackmailed, intimidated, raped. Listen to your feelings.

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They do not lie when you know how to trust your instincts. This is the time for the divine feminine to rise again. For our feelings to guide us. Mars square Pluto power abuses. You are older and more experienced now. You don't need others to confirm what you already know.

Leo, strength doesn't always have to be doing what you don't want to do. Strength can also be deciding you will listen to your instincts, honor yourself, and decide that what isn't joyful isn't worth your time. Virgo, life is constantly in motion and each day has its own fair share of troubles and challenges. Even when you think you've had enough, you find a way to move forward.

Libra, you have to learn first and do later.

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Be a person who embraces learning and the attainment of knowledge. Wisdom loves to teach. Be her student.

Scorpio, you have high ideals and sometimes they feel out of reach. Your dreams aren't lofty but they will take time to take flight. Sagittarius, get earthy.

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Dig deep into something creative today. It will help you to feel more grounded and rooted. You need to keep both feet on the ground. Capricorn, your thoughts, ideas, and words align well for you today. Inspirational messages, songs, and people touch your heart and lift your spirit.

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Surround yourself with sources of light. Aquarius, the troubles of life appear smaller today. You see the big picture and your thinking helps you to formulate a plan to achieve your goals. Pisces, strive to understand the spiritual principles of money today. Learn them. Giving is a sign of trust in the universe and what you trust, you can build a relationship with.

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